Retreat Discoveries

Over the next two weeks I’m going to simply share some of my discoveries from my rather unorthodox retreat week. Rather than weekly, they’ll come every few days. After that I want to focus on a series of reflections from within the Contemplative Fire community regarding a very intriguing book that we have been pondering together – ‘Reinventing Organizations’ by Frederic Laloux.

But first my retreat 2016 ………

Last week I was on retreat, but rather than my usual week of silence and solitude, I had a week of three retreats woven with a day of a contemplative film and three small groups. From the time I left church Sunday afternoon till I emerged Saturday evening, it was a non-stop flow of experience and discoveries.

Pulling away on retreat has been a necessary part of my Rhythm of Life for over twenty years. I appreciate the solitude, silence, no media, very few books, lots of prayer, long walks in nature, and as the years have unfolded, no agenda. It really does help me find a path through our chaotic world.

When I pull away, the noise settles. I can hear more clearly the tiny whisper within me. I get refreshed, reminded that I literally don’t have to do anything to know I’m loved! I don’t prep for any groups or write sermons or courses while I’m away. I’m seeking to be more open to God’s embrace, to know more clearly that I’m never on my own.

How does that sound to you? What have your experiences of retreat been like for you? Would you like to join me on retreat? Contemplative Fire is offering a five day silent, directed retreat. It is suitable for the experienced or novice retreatant, and will have a particular stream to help people learn how to be in extended silence. Consider joining me and our team. See our website for details.

Splendour of Silence
Monday,  May 9 to Friday,  May 13
Manresa Retreat Centre in Pickering Ontario.

Next time – a few more retreat discoveries – including a very special book I want to share with you.

Love and prayers
Community Leader Canada

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