Easter Life

Taking a break from the Hurricane, I offer an Easter Reflection….


Death is broken open, 

             Life is poured out for all, 

                                                       Flowing freely,



And so bread is broken open, 

             Wine is poured out, 

And the last supper takes on the shape of the first feast.

From the Contemplative Fire ‘Way Beyond Religion’ Liturgy for Easter. 

I hope you can enjoy and savour a gift hidden in those words for you.

Besides loving the fact that the Jesus who I really, really like has become The Risen Christ who dazzles me and holds me, besides that …. I really enjoy that each year we acknowledge the darkness of Good Friday and lightness of Easter Day. We acknowledge death and life. We acknowledge brokenness and abundance. It helps me to live with the complexity of life everyday.

Good Friday and Easter happen each year. The darkness and light that they reflect happen repeatedly throughout the year. We slug through times of heaviness, sadness, grief, anxiety, uncertainty, confusion, betrayal, violence and cruelty. We dance through times of sunshine, lightness, connection, acceptance, joy, meaning and purpose. That is the complexity of my life and yours. And always will be.

When I feel caught in darkness, I can know that light will come, because there is a Light that no darkness can ever extinguish. And when I’m swept up into light I can live not grasping it in desperation but trustfully resting in The Light.

May you savour today and the coming fifty days of Easter that first feast — Life is poured out for all, flowing freely, abundantly, and outrageously. May you know more clearly the life-giving presence of The One broken open for us all.  May your journey be one of “Travelling Lightly and Dwelling Deeply”.

Love and prayers


Community Leader Contemplative Fire Canada


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