Lessons from a Hurricane (11) – Peace

March Reflections 2016

The same week that I heard God’s invitation to me through Colossians 3.12-17 to let go of grudges, I also heard that the peace of Christ was to rule in my heart. My deep inner space was to be at peace. That peace wasn’t dependent upon my external or internal weather systems but upon Jesus and His Spirit within me.


I was aware that I know Christ’s peace within me. It has been my lived experience for a long time, yet as I lived in the aftermath of the hurricane, I knew little peace. I had allowed so much else to ‘rule’ in my heart. As you’ve heard, I’d given room to anger and complaints, to resistance and control. I had shut out the peace that Jesus gives when I open myself to him, to his Spirit and to their ways.

That day something inside me shifted and I knew I wanted peace within me more than anything else — more than understanding what was happening, more than changing things, even more than wanting my own way! I knew I was responsible for allowing the ruling system stemming from anger to be dominant within my world. I suddenly was deeply hungry for the internal peace that I’d known before.

The shift was wonderful. Graciously and generously God’s Spirit of PEACE began to flow again through my inner world. Yes, all else is rubbish. Having my own way, accomplishing a task, being noticed by others – all is empty compared with the Deep Peace of Christ within me. I’m grateful for being at peace with God’s Spirit. I choose peace. I choose to be at peace with others in my circles of care. I choose to extend forgiveness to them when I get unsettled by them. I choose to let go of my agenda and keep my focus on Jesus and living within his peace.

What is the ruling system within your inner world?
What do you choose to bring into the world?
Together we can make a different world.

Love and prayers on the journey
Community Leader Contemplative Fire Canada

Sharing Stories of Resurrection – our March Gathering on Easter Day, March 27th at 4 pm at Church of St Leonard

Storytelling Retreat and Directed Silent Retreat (Splendour of Silence) coming in April and May.

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