Lessons from a Hurricane (10) – A Little Bit of Something

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Remember when you got a little tiny bit of something in your shoe and you simply had to stop, sit down, take off your shoe and get this little thing out! Of course, we all have that happen. In the normal course of life, we do just that, clear out our shoe and keep on moving. Strange thing is, I can get a ‘little bit of something’ in my soul too. You know those niggling feelings, can be small to start, a bit irritating, but just won’t go away? A tiny bit of something in your soul. When something like that comes, why don’t I just sit down, undo my soul, shake out the intruder, hug my soul again and get on with life? Why do I allow that little irritant to linger?

Three months into my hurricane I realized that there was an irritant that had grown within my soul and I was finally ready to shake it out. One week I was meditating on Colossians 3.12-17 and heard clearly that if I had a grudge or complaint against a brother or sister in Christ I was to let it go and forgive them. I knew that I had allowed a complaint to grow within me and that was not acceptable. I needed to sit down, undo my soul, release the complaint and forgive someone. It was as simple as removing an unwanted stone from my shoe. There was no choice. Complaints, grudges, grievances have no more room in my life than stones do in my shoe.

It felt wonderful. My soul relaxed into ease. I could feel the winds of God blowing freely. There’s no room for complaints, grudges and grievances in life. There is nothing to be gained.

Are you carrying any ‘little bit of something’ in your soul? Any complaints, grudges or grievances? Would you be able to release them and offer forgiveness? What would that feel like?

I hope it feels as good to you as it has done for me.

Love and prayers on the journey


Community Leader (Canada) Contemplative Fire

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