Lessons from a Hurricane (8) We are Not Alone

Lessons from a Hurricane (8)

We are Not Alone

As the storm continued to blow for me, one anchor was the realness of God. change at sunsetDespite the chaos, despite my useless attempts to constrain or avoid the chaos, I kept being gifted with glimpses of the Presence of God. Those glimpses, those assurances that I wasn’t alone in the storm were precious. They came through words that people shared with me, through groups that came together, through precious times in groups when we could sense God’s realness in the room, through ministry gifts of having what I needed for any event despite myself. Faithfully, regularly God would grace me with assurances that I wasn’t alone. It wasn’t about my competency, disciplines, understanding or faithfulness. I was tossed all around and felt angry and constrained much of the time. It was all about God – the Loving Spirit’s attachment to me, and to all of us.

As I emerged from the storm I was able to draw this image. together

Along with it I have been meditating on Jeremiah 1.4-5 “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” Always known. Always loved. What would it be like to have that awareness hold us as an anchor each day? Here’s my grandson in the womb – known and loved.

When you have those times of feeling tossed and trapped, may my experience speak into your chaos. We are never alone. We are known. We are loved. Whether we know it or not, we are never alone.

Love and prayers on the journey



Community Leader (Canada) Contemplative Fire

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